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3rd Sandvik Z50 BEV Haul Truck Arrives at New Afton 

In May, the third Sandvik Z50 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Haul Truck arrived at New Afton.  After arrival, the new unit had fire suppression upgrades installed and underwent thorough inspections by mechanical and electrical teams in order to meet site standards before heading underground.  

Our increase in BEV hauling capacity now allows us to update our traffic plan to have a dedicated BEV haul route. Due to our BEV’s increased speed and efficiency, this presents our team with the potential to increase our production tonnage, while also lowering heat, diesel particulate matter and respirable dust.  

As a partner to New Afton, Sandvik has worked closely with us to develop the truck cabs to be more ergonomic and to enable better visibility, making them more comfortable for operators and contributing to a safer working environment for everyone. A fourth Z50 is expected to be shipped to New Afton in the coming months, further advancing our goals of electrification of C-Zone and sustainable operations throughout our site.