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Development Programs Support Women in Mining

New Gold is committed to enhancing our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs to better understand and address barriers to equity in the workplace. Women are underrepresented in mining, representing only 16.6% of mining employees in Canada according to the Mining Industry Human Resources Council. To enhance equitable access to opportunities, New Gold has established a number of development programs.

In May, ten members of the New Afton team took part in the two-day Assertiveness Training for Women in Business program presented by the Canadian Management Centre. The training covered introspective and reflective practices surrounding self-awareness as well as tools and techniques on the topic of assertiveness in communication as a key aspect of success within the business environment. This course also addressed the unique challenges women face in business and how the effective use of assertiveness techniques can be an invaluable skill to add to their toolkit.

Participants from across different departments joined together in this training. One participant described the process as “a revelation, in the many ways that we change ourselves based on other’s expectations of us.” For many attendees, the experience showed them that they are not alone, and that many share the same feelings they do.

Through this training and other programs provided by New Gold to support DEI, employees are able to gain better context for shared humanity and individual differences, how to show up true to ourselves and our values, and how traditional gender expectations influence all our experiences—both personally and professionally.

In addition, ten members of the New Afton team are participating in the Ignite Women’s Leadership Program by Leader In Motion Inc. in 2023. The year-long program is designed to support women in technical or professional roles.

To-date, participants have developed an increased understanding of leadership principles, the value of relationship-building and soft skill development in career advancement, as well as common challenges for women and how to manage them. Participants noted the significance of the long-term support network that is fostered through program participation, adding that the relationships provide tremendous value both personally and professionally.

“[The program] demonstrated the company’s commitment to fostering the growth and advancement of its employees, particularly women in leadership roles. This support not only acknowledges the value of investing in individuals but also acknowledges the importance of creating an inclusive and empowering workplace culture.”

– Program participant

We remain committed to providing training, growth opportunities and development for our employees because we know that people are our greatest asset.