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ESG Reporting Highlights New Gold’s Commitment to Responsible Mining

New Gold understands the importance of sustainability-related reporting in disclosing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and management practices. These annual disclosures share valuable information with stakeholders about New Gold’s achievements over the past year, and they also recognize the remarkable achievements of New Gold employees in advancing our sustainability-related objectives across operations.

New Gold has published an annual ESG Report since 2015, reporting on the sustainability-related material topics that matter most to our stakeholders. Described within each material topic is New Gold’s management practices and our 2023 performance as it relates to our most material subject matter areas.

Highlights of the 2023 reporting include:

  • Across operations, New Gold achieved a 4% reduction in scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions from 2022, with an overall 8% reduction from New Gold’s 2020 baseline year. The reductions were achieved through an increase in the use of battery electric production vehicles at New Afton and increased emissions tracking and mitigation practices at Rainy River.
  • Reduction in water withdrawal by 50% across operations. While this reduction is partially associated with below average precipitation, significant work was accomplished to reduce the volume of water required in operations.
  • New Gold’s total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) decreased from 0.95 in 2022 to 0.80 in 2023, achieving the lowest consolidated TRIFR in New Gold history. This performance exemplifies New Gold’s safety-first culture and what it means to have the Courage to Care.
  • Indigenous employees represented 25% of New Gold’s workforce across operations in 2023. The Company is committed to engaging in ways that foster respectful relationships that are built on trust and acceptance and promote Indigenous cultural awareness throughout its operations.
  • New Gold contributed over C$1,000,000 to non-governmental agencies, charities and research institutions in 2023. Striving to go beyond traditional philanthropic practices, New Gold’s support helps to create long term economic growth and social development in local communities.

New Gold’s ESG Reporting is prepared in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Metals and Mining Standards, the Mining Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism (LPRM), and Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations.  The 2023 ESG and TCFD Reports are available on New Gold’s Sustainability Microsite, accessible through www.newgold.com.