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Going Green with Battery Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Helping create a low carbon future

Since the installation of six Level 2 BEV charging stations at the mine in December 2020, New Afton has supplied over 5,300 kWh to eight registered electric vehicles in 350 charging events.  This is equivalent to a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of over 3,400 kg CO2 eq.

BEV make and models registered so far include two Hyundai Konas, a Hyundai Ioniq Electric, a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, two Nissan Leafs, a Chevrolet Volt and a Tesla Roadster.  With only 60 charging events per month, there is plenty of capacity for more vehicles.

 In May this year, New Afton replaced its old red Ford Explorer with a new battery electric Hyundai Kona.  Since May, this vehicle has used less energy than a domestic hot water heater would use if left on for 12 hours.

New Afton and its employees are stepping up to prove that “Energy Matters” in a low carbon future.