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New Afton Employees Donate Over $86,000 to Local Charities and Non-Profits

In 2023, the New Afton team doubled down on our value of People and Communities in fundraising and donations for local charitable and non-profit organizations, raising $86,724 for ten community groups.  

New Gold’s Charitable Donations Matching Program enables employees to donate to eligible charities and non-profits of their choice through payroll deductions, which the company then matches up to a predetermined maximum. This past year, New Afton employees increased individual contributions by 12% over 2022, resulting in over ten thousand dollars being donated to seven employee-selected local organizations.  

The annual fundraising campaign as part of our holiday parties was another success, with employees raising over $75,000 through raffle prizes, a 50/50 draw and seat reservations – a 9% increase in funds raised from 2022. The raffle prizes were generously donated by over 45 of our vendors and over 60% of the New Afton workforce participated in the fundraising. The funds were split equally three ways, resulting in donations of over $25,000 each to the Kamloops Boys and Girls Club, Mamas for Mamas and KidSport.