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Overlander Ski Club Trail Widening Project

Last fall, employees of the New Afton Mine, members from the Overlander Ski Club, and staff from the CAT Rental store collaborated to widen the trails of the Stake Lake Nordic Ski Facility. The Club faced a significant challenge when their new, larger Snowcat required wider paths to adequately groom the trails, so Ski Club organizer Tim Cole approached New Gold for assistance. 

Carson Fraser, Laura Connell, Al Long and Logan Reese from New Afton’s Training Department, New Afton’s Batch Plant Supervisor Ron Hart, Overlander Ski Club members Peter Prochotsky and Tim Cole, and Dale Cullen from The CAT Rental Store all played a part in the project.  

After delays due to the wildfires, equipment was mobilized on October 23rd and ground preparation commenced. The team worked tirelessly for seven days to remove many rocks and push berms back to create a wider trail. The partnership benefitted from Hart’s previous experience with logging and road building, underlining the significance of collective skills in achieving project success. Reese’s assistance in coordinating fuel supply during the weekend and ensuring the site training remained uninterrupted was crucial in keeping up the project’s momentum. New Afton Safety Advisor Carson Fraser’s contribution in devising a safety plan ensured that the project was executed without any injuries or damage, emphasizing the team’s commitment to safety and responsibility. 

With over 1,600 members including New Afton employees, supporting Overlander Ski Club exemplifies New Gold’s commitment to creating sustainable benefits for the communities we’re part of.  

“I just wanted to thank you for all your work on the Overlander Ski Club dog trails,” said Cole. “It looks great and will be a big improvement for our operations on that trail.” 

This successful collaboration could not have been achieved without the tireless work and dedication of all involved. Their dedication to fostering a better environment for both the Ski Club and the community stands as an exemplary demonstration of New Gold’s values in action.