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Supporting the Community Through the 2023 Fire Season

According to the Province of British Columbia, the 2023 wildlife season was the most destructive in British Columbia’s recorded history. Over the course of the season, tens of thousands of people were evacuated and hundreds of homes and structures were damaged or lost.  

As wildfires grew, the New Afton Mine recognized the urgent need for support. With compassion and a commitment to community, New Afton Mine swiftly decided to make a difference by donating $5,000 to the United Way, an organization at the forefront of fire relief efforts. This contribution helped in providing vital resources to those affected by the fires. The New Afton Mine also provided $7,500 in essential supplies including food and fuel cards to people fleeing Adams Lake Indian Band, Neskonlith Indian Band and Shuswap Indian Band, as well as N95 masks to the people of Neskonlith Indian Band

New Afton’s contribution had not only alleviated immediate distress but had also sown the seeds for a more resilient and interconnected future. The community witnessed New Afton’s genuine commitment to its core values of Integrity and People and Communities.